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Friday, 14 June 2013

Has Your Cleaning Company - Got You Covered?

Why incorrect Insurance Could Well Cost YOU Thousands!

Insurance - it sounds boring right? Yes it does a bit, but we all know that the word insurance is an important one, and one that should never be ignored in the cleaning industry.

Think of this scenario: Someone comes to your house and cleans your carpets or furniture and the job seems ok, but then suddenly you notice a tear in the fabric of the sofa - or the carpet has started to shrink, pulling off the gripper at the same time. DISASTER! Well yes, it could happen (less so with a highly trained competent person), and so you get in touch with the cleaning company who caused it. By the way - you may not get a reply from some individuals - but that's another story about cowboys that we will cover another time.

So, great the chap comes back (although lets face it you could do without all the upheaval of this altogether right?). So he takes a look and says "yes there is an issue and I will arrange it with my insurance company - as I do have Liability insurance".

Uh Oh...

Maybe a week later you manage to get hold of the person - who sheepishly explains that his insurance company won't pay out for this sort of claim. WHAT! That's right, it won't because nearly all liability insurance scheme's will only cover the property for damage caused and NOT, I repeat NOT the items being cleaned.

So what do you do now?

Well you could hope that the cleaning company are honest and that they will pay to replace your items - out of their own pockets - but this is a long shot. Does a cleaner who works on his own - or someone who is on a tight budget price wise have that sort of money lying around? Definitely Not! So you could now be left with a Massive BILL because who else is going to get it sorted? Think this doesn't happen? - I'm afraid it does. It amazes me how many companies and individuals, that actually either have insufficient insurance - or NONE AT ALL!

So what should you do to give you piece of mind?

It's easy so don't worry. First of all get the person to visit to give a quotation - or if this isn't possible then get them to do it before cleaning. This way you can assess other aspects of their business (like equipment, training, client feedback etc) i.e. whether they have the credentials to carry out a competent, structured, professional cleaning schedule. Then simply ask to see their insurance policy.

They must what we call a 'double insurance' policy, or one that combines extra cover. What I mean is, the policy must have:

Liability Cover AND Treatments Risk cover. It's ONLY the treatments risk cover that protects your items if they get damaged through cleaning.

Remember, cleaning companies or individuals are legally liable to cover you - and if they only have Liability insurance MOST Liability policies EXCLUDE these cleaning related claims.

You have been warned.


Author: Kevin Loomes